Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dukes Chat

  Dukes Chat has begun! This site will act as the home of all informal discussion about Duquesne University Athletics.
  Anyone and everyone is permitted to post on this Web log.

(Image: Duquesne University Athletics Logo, Copyright Duquesne University)


Kaitlin said...

bob - you should see if you can send this link out when fall sports start via the SAAC email list.
hope you're doing well
kaitlin yasko

BluffTalk said...

  You too. And thanks for the advice. I believe that I will.

Coffee said...

You should lik to the Dukes Basketball Forum and to Scout.

This is a great format and should do well, but many Dukes fans don't know what is out there!

BluffTalk said...

  Point taken. Thank you for your input.

Padraig Muldoon said...

I'm glad to see another Duquesne forum on the net. I hope this one will generate more student interest than the others.

BluffTalk said...

  So far so good. Please spread the word.