Tuesday, July 3, 2007

*OPINION PIECE* Forbes Avenue Project

  Duquesne University's soon-to-be-finished multipurpose recreational facility on Forbes Avenue in Uptown Pittsburgh is the "cherry on the top" of the university's recent improvements to its Athletics Department.
  The building is yet to have a catchy name just yet though (other than the Multipurpose Recreational Center, or MRC, of course).
  What should be the official name of Duquesne's MRC? Should it be named after a member of the Duquesne Athletics Hall of Fame? A past university president or even the current one? A significant financial contributor?
  As of today, nothing has been announced, but it would be a shame to let an opportunity to honor one of Duquesne's finest go by the wayside.

(Image: Duquesne University Forbes Avenue Project Artist's Rendering, Copyright Duquesne University)


Chuck Belisario said...

Rumor has it that Brad Salvatore, the former standout Lineman for the Dukes and now a big shot w/ the Knicks and Rangers(@ MSG), is prepared to donate a lofty amount of money in hopes of receiving naming rights.

Rumor has it, he wants it(the Rec center) to be called the "Salvatorium"...you know, a play on the word gymnasium. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

we should name it for someone who donates an obscene amount of dinero for it. as far as i am concerned, it could be the "us steel-atorium".