Sunday, August 26, 2007

Championship Passion Filled With Duquesne Connections

  The Pittsburgh Passion, Pittsburgh's National Women's Football Association team, was recently crowned league champions after an undefeated season.
  The team's players and management come from all over the Pittsburgh area, and some of these people have a close connection with Duquesne University.
  Jayne Beatty, the Pittsburgh Passion's general manager, is the throws coach for Duquesne Track & Field, Jen Cairns, a Passion running back, is a former Duquesne swimmer and lacrosse player with a degree from the university (B.A.), Kara Prentice, the team's co-community relations director, is also a Duquesne graduate (M.B.A., M.S.) and Sarah Young, who plays offensive line, is a Duquesne Pharm.D. recipient.
  Cairns is also officially sponsored by Duquesne University Athletics.

(Image: Pittsburgh Passion Logo, Copyright Pittsburgh Passion)

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Anonymous said...

Came up a bit short in 2008 but 2009 is "Our Time!!" Let's get it on baby....PassionMania!!!