Sunday, November 4, 2007

*OPINION PIECE* Expectations SOAR for Men's Basketball

  Duquesne University Men's Basketball completed its 2007-08 preseason exhibition schedule with a 6-0 record after a 62-point pounding of NCAA Division II Seton Hill University yesterday.
  Granted, Seton Hill is a far cry from Atlantic Ten Conference competition and that of most of the rest of NCAA Division I, but Duquesne hit 20 of 34 three-point field goals in this game. Bill Clark and Jason Duty were a combined nine-for-nine alone. Regardless of the opponent, a three-pointer is a three-pointer.
  Now, superior teams will hustle a shot more than a team like Seton Hill (with all due respect), but shooting close to 60 percent from three-point range UNCONTESTED is still impressive.
  In the Dukes' final two exhibition games, Clark made 11 of 12 shots from beyond the three-point arc. That kind of outside shooting, coupled with two big, proven defenders and rebounders in the paint (Shawn James and Kieron Achara), gives Duquesne the type of balance that seldom teams can claim to have.
  The season has yet to start, and this is still a team that won only 10 games last season, but the 2007-08 Dukes might be the next big thing in Pittsburgh... and for that matter, college basketball.

[Image: Shawn James (left) and Kieron Achara (right) on the cover of the 2007-08 Duquesne University Men's Basketball Media Guide, Copyright Duquesne University]

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Go Dukes! Love - Hoffman