Wednesday, December 19, 2007

*OPINION PIECE* No. 6 Greatest Coach in Duquesne Athletics History

Elmer Layden, Football - Elmer Layden was the coach that introduced Duquesne University Football to the land of big-time college sports.
  As one of the University of Notre Dame's "Four Horsemen," Layden came from a school and a program used to success and large-scale popularity. He was, simply, able to effectively transfer his success as a high-profile player to that as a high-profile coach of the same sport.
  Layden was at the helm of Duquesne Football for the seasons from 1927-1933 and put together an amazing 48-16-6 record (.716 winning percentage).
  Nine of those wins came in 1929 when Duquesne went 9-0-1 in easily its best season-to-date at that point.
  Layden's final game as Duquesne head coach came in the Festival of Palms Bowl played on New Year's Day, 1934. Though not officially recognized by the NCAA as a legitimate bowl game, Duquesne's win over the University of Miami (Fla.) in this game was the program's most important victory and the school's biggest athletics moment up to that point.
  The Festival of Palms game would become the Orange Bowl game the very next season.

(Image: Elmer Layden, Copyright Pro Football Hall of Fame)


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