Friday, September 28, 2007

Dukes Men's BB a Sleeper

From the Duquesne Athletics' Web Site:

"Basketball Times, the nationally-respected college basketball publication, has named the 2007-08 Duquesne Dukes as one of four 'Under the Radar Guys' in its October issue. It is the first time in the four-year history of the annual 'Under the Radar' issue that a team has been chosen.

"Editor John Akers annually runs nearly every projected Division I starter through an efficiency rating known as the 'Larry Bird formula' - a plus/minus system of positive and negative statistics - and takes note of those players who jump out unexpectedly. They then run those players through another filter - testing their efficiency again, but against better teams - before making final decisions.

"This year it is the Dukes along with Florida center Marreese Speights, Georgia Tech guard Lewis Clinch and Utah center Luke Nevill that were chosen as under the radar guys.

"Says Akers in the 'From the editor ...' portion of the October issue, '... no one in four years' worth of 'Under the Radar Guys' has jumped out like the Duquesne Dukes.'

"A three-page feature inside tells the Duquesne story.

"Kieron Achara, of whom Akers says 'Kieron Achara might have been the nation's most under-rated player, his terrific individual season hidden by a late start, limited minutes and a losing season,' graces the cover."

(Image: October 2007 Issue of Basketball Times, Copyright Basketball Times)


Dutch said...

Well I guess under the radar is better than we usually are.

However, I will believe it when I see it. I think writers are giving positive press to the program to try and help the program recover from the shooting.

Anonymous said...

The attention that Duquesne is getting is no doubt related in part to the tragedy of the shootings last September. However, the "under the radar" recognition that the Dukes are getting is largely based on the talent that Coach Everhart has recruited and has returning. If the Dukes are successful this season, which I believe they will be, and they get into either the NCAA tournament or the NIT, the national media attention will likely spill over to the following season. If the team sustains its success for a few seasons, Hollywood would certainly see this as a “feel good” sports story that might materialize in a made- for- TV movie of the week.

Let's see: a team with long-standing loosing program; an on-campus shooting; a miraculous recovery of shooting victims; an arrest of one of the players over sale and use of drugs; the hospitalization of the head coach over a very stressful situation; a trial and (hopeful)conviction of the shooters and accomplices; the team begins winning consistently and recaptures its local fan base and attracts somewhat of a national following. What more can Hollywood want!

BluffTalk said...

  Couldn't agree more. All that the Dukes need to do is win. But easier said than done.

Dutch said...

I guess I am tired of the "feel good" story and the drama surrounding it.

The only "feel good" story I want to see is a winning record.