Monday, September 17, 2007

*OPINION PIECE* No. 7 Greatest Team in Duquesne Athletics History

1968-69 Men's Basketball - Simply put, this team's credentials are outstanding and go a long way in cementing Duquesne's place in college basketball lore.
  A 21-5 overall record this season for "Red" Manning's Dukes earned them a No. 9 Associated Press ranking, as the team reached the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Championship Tournament.
  This was Duquesne's best sports team of the 1960s and easily one of its greatest basketball teams ever.
  Consider this about Duquesne's competition this season. The team played six games against teams ranked in the Associated Press' top 16, including three of its final four.

[Image: Former Duquesne University Basketball coaches "Red" Manning (right) and "Dudey" Moore (left), Copyright Duquesne University]


Anonymous said...

I believe that 1968-1969 team was the team that was 21-5, losing to North Carolina with Charle Scott, in the Eastern regional semi-finals. There was a very cnotrversial call made against one of the Nelsons at the end of the game causing the Dukes to give up possession of the ball and provided, North Carolina. a foul shot or two.

BluffTalk said...

  Thank you kindly for pointing out the mistakes. Dukes Chat regrets them.
  The necessary corrections have been made.

Anonymous said...

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