Wednesday, October 24, 2007

*OPINION PIECE* A Major Step Forward for ALL Teams

  Duquesne University Athletics has announced a partnership with adidas that makes the apparel company the official sponsor of the Dukes.
  Ron Everhart, Suzie McConnell-Serio, Shawn James, Derron Thomas, permanent seating for Arthur J. Rooney Athletic Field, scholarship football and the multi-purpose recreational center have all been tremendous additions for Duquesne Athletics. Each speaks volumes about how seriously the university is taking athletics.
  But while the new additions have been improvements mostly for basketball and football, the deal with adidas -- which will provide footwear, uniforms and other apparel to all 20 Dukes varsity teams -- is great for the non-revenue/"Olympic" sports at the university as well.
  For Duquesne's teams that lack the funding that the football and basketball teams have, something that this deal is MAJOR, MAJOR news. Teams like women's cross country and wrestling will now have free adidas gear at their disposal and will be even more closely aligned with Duquesne's marquee squads.
  A Duke has always been a Duke, and each Duquesne team wears the red and blue. But now each team will look even more alike, and because each team's uniforms will come from adidas, they will also all have the same benefit -- the overall improved image of Duquesne Athletics.

(Image: adidas Logo, Copyright adidas)


Dutch said...

Other than a uniform look and free uniforms, I can't understand how a clothing deal is a Major step forward for all teams. Please explain further.

Uniforms can't take up that large of a percentage of a budget. I can't understand why people here and at the other board are so enthused about this.

Maybe I am missing something......

BluffTalk said...

  It's not just a monetary issue.
  Being sponsored by an apparel company--especially one like adidas--gives your program great validity.
  Consider that the University of Notre Dame; The University of Tennessee at Knoxville; the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Kansas, the University of California, Los Angeles; and Indiana University in Bloomington are all also sponsored by adidas.
  Duquesne University now shares this affiliation.