Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Should the New Permanent Seating Be Named?

  With Duquesne University Athletics announcing that construction on the soon-to-be-new permanent seating to line Arthur J. Rooney Athletic Field will begin once the 2007 football season is over, the question is begged: Should this permanent seating be named after someone from Duquesne Athletics' colorful past? If so, then who?
  Should the overall facility simply remain as "Arthur J. Rooney Athletic Field"? Perhaps it should be changed to "Arthur J. Rooney Stadium." What about "Greg Gattuso Grandstand"? Or something honoring new Duquesne Athletics Hall of Fame honoree John Rosato? Does this have to be football-specific?
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Anonymous said...

It should probably be named after one of the following people: charles "chucky" harris, william chester, michael "dont call me fat out of luck" daniluk, "nasty" nate metcalf, sammy "the bull" petko, the delich twins, jarrett "the rising sun" leggett, joe ankle, skyler "i nailed gallos cousin" freed, michael norrett, mychal "dont call me michael" mcAfoose, run dmc, jake atkinson, michael ciocca, gabriel luvara, either Gunna, Matt "Junior" Mrdjenovich, Chris "He Spends More Time in the Sand Than David" Hasselhoff, Edsel Torres, "Fast" Freddie Matthews, Michael "Silently Detrimental" Moorefield, Gary "lockdown aka kyle" Postell

BluffTalk said...

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